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WRIGHT - 2022

Kristen Wright is a 22 year old woman from Mornington, Victoria. Kristen is currently studying Biomedical Science to pursue a career in Paediatric Speech Pathology.

Impressively, she is also a speciality scuba diving instructor with over 36 certifications, and was one of the youngest instructors to be certified in Victoria. Kristen has shown her professionalism and leadership skills as she escorted 17 divers to Vanuatu to dive the incredible SS President Coolidge in 2019 with a colleague of hers.

Her broad range of skills do not stop there, as she was a national gymnast for over 10 years, and has acquired a large collection of trophies to show for her hard work and dedication.

Using her platform as a Miss World contestant, she was able to launch her Beauty with a Purpose Project, Educate Resuscitate, which involves travelling to indigenous communities, youth centres and schools to teach basic first aid, water safety and marine ecology.


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